English Tea or Panamanian coffee?

There are very few days where I’m not grateful for the most gracious guests that find their way to the Little English Guesthouse.  All the way from Panama, Central America, this couple were getting their child settled in at FSU for the week.  They were from North America, living and working down south for many years, and loving it with no plans to return to the United States.

Their daughter, however, wanted the all-American experience and was accepted at Florida State University.  One of the joys that come from owning a bed and breakfast these 20 years is being privy to all the details that come with getting to know your guests.

It helps if you like people, and I most certainly do!

There have been so many FSU parents that have come through, that even though I didn’t attend FSU, I am very familiar with all the “issues” that parents have when settling in their child.  We didn’t have any other FSU parents in, on this particular night, so I was able to just inform them of the “pitfalls” that other parents had shared with along the last 20 years.

Things like, empty shelves at the grocery stores near to the University (just visit the ones near to the Little English Guesthouse!). Or no shower curtains, or other “basics” for setting up a dorm/apartment – “allow me to tell you where the other Walmart/Target and Home Goods stores are…”

It’s often the case that the FSU parents that have stayed with us during the emotional time of saying goodbye to their university bound child, become “regulars” with us for the next 4 years their adult child is completing their education.

We love that reality!  Particularly when we see them for the last time when that child graduates with their college degree. We can join in the celebrations!

These particular guests were gracious enough to gift us some fabulous coffee from the mountains of Panama.  We serve a lot of tea (my personal preference!), but obviously most of our guests drink coffee.  So, the next time you stop at the Little English Guesthouse Bed and Breakfast, expect us to show off and ask “English Tea – or Panamanian Coffee today?”

I love my job! Stop in for a cuppa!

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The Staffordshire Room  | Little English Guesthouse B&B, Tallahassee, FL


The Staffordshire Room  | Little English Guesthouse B&B, Tallahassee, FL

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