Have you hugged your imperfect father?

On Father’s Day, it is only appropriate that our thoughts turn to Dad. For those of us whose fathers are no longer with us, it is with a wistful heart.

I am fortunate that I had a wonderful father. He raised us by example. He worked hard, provided well for our family (and other extended family members too). He kept his vows to our mother and his promises to us. When my father promised my brother and I a vehicle for good grades at school, he was good on his word. It wasn’t a Rolls Royce or even brand new, but it was a good vehicle.

When he warned me of the consequences if I pursued a relationship with a man that was wrong for me, he was good on that word too. (We’re not talking about Thom, here!)

He was a quiet man, (obviously I took after my mother in that area) and I often wondered how he knew about all the gossipy things my teenage girlfriends and I discussed.

In my adult years, he would remind me that all he did was sit in his chair and quietly read the newspaper, while we gossiped, forgetting he was even there behind that huge newspaper.

For all his great qualities, he was an imperfect father. He made mistakes along the way. He meant well, he tried hard, like your father probably, but he was human. He had a lot of wisdom, but he wasn’t God. Created in the image of God, he didn’t actually join the family of God until about 3 years before he died. Then he became even smarter!

This morning as we sang the song “You’re a Good, Good Father” I thought about my earthly father who gave me life and what a good man he was, and how much I wished he were still with us. But more importantly, I pondered on our heavenly Father. The Father that truly is perfect and possesses all wisdom and all knowledge. The Father that makes absolutely no mistakes and knows what is best for each of his children, even when there is tragedy or events that we just don’t like.

I hope that today if your father is still alive, you speak his love language and show him your appreciation for all that he’s been to you. If your father was more imperfect than most, perhaps a really horrible father, my heart breaks for whatever you endured.

Today, in fact every day, is a good day to ponder on our perfect, Heavenly Father. He is good every day. Whether we agree with Him or not. Whether He gives us what we want or not. God is our perfect Father. Not our butler.

I still miss my Dad. But I’m so grateful that he and I share the same Heavenly Dad, whose perfection is absolutely complete. So if you can, love and hug your imperfect, human father today. And be grateful for the perfect, heavenly Father who loves you a gazillion times more than the imperfect man you’re taking to dinner today.

Thank you, Jesus.

Happy Father’s Day!

The Staffordshire Room  | Little English Guesthouse B&B, Tallahassee, FL


The Staffordshire Room  | Little English Guesthouse B&B, Tallahassee, FL

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