“How about a Mulligan trip… Oh, why not? ” they said

Meet Chrysten and Christina. Two industrious and feisty young women on a Mulligan trip. What is a mulligan trip? I’m glad you asked.

Ever feel like you need a do-over, a second chance, or even a third? Kristin and Christina decided they were going to “just do it”.

They took off, with their trusty Paddington bear in the back seat of their car, to hit the road and re-discover themselves.

Though accomplished in their careers and, I’m sure, loved by their family and friends, these two found themselves with some personal tragedy hitting them both within months of each other. Though living in different states they met up and took off across a journey that made them realize they were still worthy human beings, and that though the sorrow might last through the night, joy would come with a new morning. (Actually, there’s no sorrow through the night at the Little English Guesthouse, they’re standing in front of Sir Lancelot, our knight in shining armour who dispels any sorrowful thoughts as soon as a new guest enters with any!)

These two were hysterically funny and had me laughing my head off within minutes of arriving. They had just seen a crowded beach (apparently social distancing is no longer a “thing” over there) where there weren’t that many restaurants in which to eat. So they just kept on driving until they found our little inn. Along with Paddington who must’ve guided them right to our doorstep. What can I say about Paddington, other than he just smacks.

Their next trip (not a Mulligan, more of an exploration into their ancestory) is to Cornwall (Poldark country for you bingewatchers!) from whence a grandmother came. Thom and I were there recently so I was able to give them some good bossy instructions (it’s what consultants do, only they charge lots of money and I do my boss-babe thing for free).

So what say you? Need a Mulligan trip, a do-over for a fresh start on life? Or do you just need to break out with your quarantine hair (hey, no judgement!) and the extra ten pounds you gained (..really, no judgement!) and take a little drive somewhere, now that you can? I think you should go for it, do it now before the roads get crowded and the price of petrol goes up. Stay at a little bed and breakfast and avoid the crowded lobbies of corporate hotels while supporting a proper local business. Just do it. Or at least start planning to do it.

Corona has taught us life is short…take the trip. Come see us!

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The Staffordshire Room  | Little English Guesthouse B&B, Tallahassee, FL


The Staffordshire Room  | Little English Guesthouse B&B, Tallahassee, FL

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