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A new year of independence, a new website, oh, and a new blog....

Updated: Jul 3, 2020

Happy Independence Day!

I would never have imagined a couple of decades ago, that one day I would participate in the celebration of... getting rid of...turning one's back on...rebelling against..claiming independence from - however one wishes to put it... Great Britain, that most splendid of countries!

And yet, here I am, another 4th of July, reminding myself that all these fireworks and hamburgers and waving of flags are actually about how much Americans did not want Britons around! And what is this in my hand - could it be an American flag? Am I participating in this celebration of rebellion against King and country. Apparently so - who would have believed it??

To celebrate (well, in a manner of speaking), we've updated our website, added a new photo or two and started a blog! So what exactly does one post on a blog to make it interesting and relevant to you, dear reader? I'm looking for lots of feedback (otherwise I'll think I'm talking to myself, and that is a sure sign I've gone barmy!) so start posting.

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