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Azaleas, pintas, cacti and less...

Did I mention that it's 111 on the heat index today (that's 44 Celsius)? I've noticed that nobody looks at me strangely anymore as I open an umbrella to walk across a long car park to get into a shop. That car park that is made of concrete/asphalt that heats up the atmosphere and makes little puppy paws burn. Being British I do of course have an entire collection of umbrellas, (the way Imelda Marcos had a collection of shoes, but that's another subject). I've finally figured out that a little shade above my hair as I wander around does indeed stop my hair from catching fire. (If your hair doesn't feel like it's starting to smoulder, that may be because you are bald..)

After investing (and losing) lots of money on beautiful flowers to add that English touch to our little English garden, we've realized the only flowers that actually like the inferno that is Tallahassee in July are azaleas, pintas and cacti. Everything else is just a pathetic, wilting, terracotta pot of sadness. Why has it taken me decades to learn this simple fact?

So free advice here...save your $$, they'll only bloom for a day before the sun fries them. Buy azaleas, pintas or cacti. You're welcome.

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