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Bed and breakfast or hotel?

So the Clemson/FSU game is this weekend and we have your room ready - have you booked it yet?

So many of our guests tell us that they're never going back to a chain hotel now that they've discovered our bed and breakfast. Of course, we remind them that there are legal bed and breakfasts in every town, in every state, and in most countries too, I'm sure. So why do people take so long to discover how much better it is to stay in a bed and breakfast? Advertising perhaps, because little places like ours don't have the advertising budget or marketing savvy that a corporation does.

But when I ask our guests why we've had to wait for 13 years for their patronage, the majority say that it just never occurred to them to stay at a bed and breakfast when making their travel plans. Now they're never going back to a noisy, sterile hotel. Good choice!

Our bed and breakfast takes online reservations, major credit cards, provides parking, free WIFI, secure locks, private bathrooms and so on. Just like the big hotels. So I'm curious - why do you choose a hotel over a bed and breakfast when you're traveling?


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