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Compelled by the light...

What is it about Christmas lights that compels us to slow down in our vehicles to get a better look? To actually set off with the intention of "looking at the lights"? To decorate our houses and (in our case) entire front gardens, rooflines and signage with little lights?

When Thom and I were married, it was after dark, outdoors; it was the little fairy lights everywhere that gave it such a magical touch. And of course a big city skyline is most attractive not during the day, but at night all lit up.

Most of us dislike the dark. In a dark room, our eye is naturally drawn to, compelled by, the light coming in through the crack of a curtain or the light of a digital clock. The one who walks in darkness doesn't know where he's going.

This Christmas I'm thankful for Jesus, the light of the world, who came down from heaven so that everyone who believes in Him wouldn't remain in darkness. Maybe it's just hardwired into us to be compelled by the light. I'm grateful.


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