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The best is yet to come!

So true, so true, but often difficult to live that way when in a valley! As 2017 ends and a whole BRAND NEW 365 days lay before us, it's refreshing to look back on the valleys or down-in-the-dumps days you had this year and realize YOU CAME THROUGH IT! We've all had those days, myself included, when you wonder why THIS (whatever it is) is happening. What does the good Lord want you to learn in this particular, miserable circumstance? But here it is, 2017 is over and you've got a fresh start, and that thing, whatever or whomever it was, is behind you. The best is yet to come, baby!

So tonight, celebrate new beginnings, a New Year - Day One of 365 days to come. Raise your right hand, reach back and pat yourself on the back because you came through it, hopefully learned a thing or two about yourself, grew in wisdom and maturity - the emotional and spiritual kind - and are moving forward into a brand new, bright and positive 2018.

Happy New Year, may the blessings and abundance of Jesus be yours!


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