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Lovely, lovely, lovely guests!

We do love reading the little love notes guests leave for us in the comment books in the rooms!

Some folks like to be left alone, and we try to honour that - because each individual, myself included, either is energized or exhausted by too much interaction with other people.

For example, one of my pet peeves about American restaurants (still -after having lived here for decades!) is the propensity for fake intimacy with a server, whose sole job is to take an order for food, and deliver chosen food to table. Many folks complain about European restaurant service being "bad" because those servers tend not to chat it up with each and every customer. It's entirely a cultural norm. Obviously, this is why I prefer waiters/waitresses who leave me alone after the food is served.

It is an art to figure out who wants to engage and chat it up, and who wants to be left to rejuvenate by themselves. As a professional innkeeper, one has to be able to read a little body language as most communication is non-verbal. After a long day of traveling, a chatty Cathy in not always appreciated. Sometimes we get it wrong - I'm glad we got it right for this particular couple.


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