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Hillsong Worship in old Dominion Theatre

What fun it was to attend Hillsong Church in London! For the uninitiated, Hillsong music is pretty famous around the Christian world. I've downloaded a lot of their songs on Spotify but it was like going to a rock concert to be able to go to church and hear it live! (and the sermon wasn't too bad either!). I believe there are only 4 Hillsong churches - in London, New York, Tel Aviv and Sydney, Australia where they began.

The Dominion Theatre in London rents them space on a Sunday morning for the church service and then returns to the matinee and night performances of whatever they were playing. I don't recall what was playing but a quick Bing search tells me that Big, the Musical is currently playing at the Dominion. Yes, the same as the Tom Hanks movie, that one.

London, for obvious reasons, is my favorite city in the world. As well as being home, and where my family still reside, it's a fun place with something new (and expensive!) to do pretty much every day. You should consider a little trip across the pond to test me on this. Give me a call, I'll help you plan it - and make sure you put Hillsong church in there for Sunday morning.

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