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Who knew this was the plan all along?

Updated: Mar 20, 2020

I laughed out loud when I saw this, and have to admit I like the humor. George Washington managed to get an American into the British royalty and his ghost watches as Phase 2 of the revolutionary war can now commence!

Clever, very clever, don't you think? All those years, and the powers that were managed to keep it a secret until just the right moment. The moment is now...except the plan has gone a bit awry....Meghan and Harry were the fairy story for only a very short while and now they've headed to that other Commonwealth country, Canada. Was that part of the plan?

This thoroughly modern couple are doing things their way (or at least trying to) so we shall have to stay tuned to see how the second phase of the Revolutionary War plays out. I'm actually following it with bated breath.

Follow along with me, comment too. Because poor Thom is weary of hearing me natter on about it.

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