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Why wouldn't you Book Direct and get the best rate?

Updated: Mar 20, 2020

Search engines (Google, Expedia etc.) are great ways to find a bed and breakfast, hotel, or airline ticket. But why wouldn't you then go directly to the website for that business and get the best rate?

It makes me cross to talk to folks who don't know that they're unknowingly paying a commission to Google, Expedia and other OTAs (Online Travel Agent) for a room, or a ticket, when just pulling up the direct website would net them the same thing for a better rate. I've realized it's because many people really don't know that. In fact, many don't know that Google is not just a search engine, but actually operates as an Online Travel Agent in it's own right.

Do yourself a favour. Use the search engines to find what your're looking for - then go DIRECTLY to that business website and BOOK DIRECT. Cut out the middle man (and their commission) and save yourself some cash.

Rant over.

Happy to be of service. You can thank me later.

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