Prince Andrew, Jeffrey Epstein and the Queen of England

What a disaster.

Prince Andrew, 9th in line to the throne (which means 8 of his blood relatives would need to die, or abdicate, before he could be crowned king), has been stripped of his titles. No more His Royal Highness, no more military titles or honors. He’s a decorated veteran, so that is a bit of a shame. The grand young Duke of York may be just plain old Andrew Mountbatten by the time Queenie poo is done with him.

Persona Non Grata, indeed.

It’s rather difficult to have any empathy for the Party Prince (if you grew up in England, you’ll know that was his nickname prior to his marriage to Sarah Ferguson). While I claim no special knowledge regarding what he did or didn’t do with a 17 year old girl, the very notion that a public servant (or anyone for that matter) would choose a sex offender as a friend is beyond despicable.

Truly my heart breaks for the elderly lady that is his hardworking mother, Queen Elizabeth. At 95, she is still trying to hold the Crown together, without the support of her beloved husband, Prince Philip who died last year. Her grandson Harry married an American, Meghan Markle. After much controversy and not just a little bit of drama, the two of them moved to California. A Royal prince! Living in southern California – that event alone left many Brits gobsmacked.

And now this.

Andrew has disgraced the Royal family, his daughters and all those who are in favour of the Royal family. (I have great respect for the Queen…the monarchy in general, not so much.) I haven’t followed the public story in great depth, the headlines alone are enough to turn one’s stomach, and turn off the news source. But the evidence is not looking in his favour, and his verbal denials, despite that evidence, is not winning him any fans.

Andrew! Get a job, earn some money and pay your own legal bills. At the age of 61, we all realize that might prove to be rather difficult. The poor choices you made when you were just a wee bit younger, but still an adult with a fully formed brain, have consequences. All of us reap the consequences of the choices we sow. You are no different because you are a Royal. You don’t get to break the law, although – perhaps – you thought you could.

The queen has dealt with her son in the only way one can discipline a 61 year old prince, and that is to strip him of his privileges. If he were a child, that would be like taking away his cellphone, his pocket money and his freedom to leave the house.

If only it were that simple.

As a Brit, observing from afar the atrocious allegations of sexual abuse against women and girls, over a period of years, and the resulting effects on the monarchy, I shake my head in horror and all I can say is –

What a disaster. What an absolute disaster.

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