This takes matchy-matchy to a whole new level..

Have you remodeled a bathroom or powder room recently? Around here, we seem to be constantly updating and refreshing things. After all, no-one wants to feel like they’re living in, or visiting, Grandma’s house, stuck in the the 1970’s (name your decade here!). No offence to your lovely Grandma, of course.

So that means that when one room is “done”, it might be time to start on another room with a few updates, a few tweaks here and there to keep things looking fresh.

Currently, we’re working on our own bathroom, which kept getting pushed to the back burner for years. After all, when you own a bed and breakfast, there are always more important rooms to take care of, right?

Pandemic meant there were (sadly) no guests in house and some downtime to get things done. Like the rest of planet Earth, downtime meant there was time to get things completed, that had been on the list too long.

So we started, and are almost finished (LOL) our bathroom. On perusing the internet, (because how else could one while away the hours AND claim to be doing something constructive) I came across a shop in Paris.

This shop sells toilet paper. Yes, toilet paper. That cheap paper product that America (and Britain) decided was some sort of gold during the 2020 pandemic and a new gold rush started. Only it was called the TP rush. Which led to hoarding. Which led to shortages. Which led to price gouging. Which led to public protests…no wait, that was later on in the year, and a much more important issue. I digress…is 2020 over yet? Because there have already been too many issues to deal with in one year and the Presidential election still looms ahead…

So..back to the shop. That sells toilet paper. Yes, toilet paper. Brightly coloured toilet paper in every hue and tone to make sure it matches the new and lovely colors of your newly, remodeled bathroom. One would imagine that when someone was starting this shop, the business model would be presented to the bank and the officer would burst out laughing, but apparently not.

This shop appears to be quite serious about their inventory as you can see, the wall display is very nicely, professionally put together. Refined, even. (Yes, we’re still talking about toilet paper).

But … really? I’m not given to being matchy-matchy, it’s just a personal preference. Horses for courses, live and let live and all that stuff. But someone, in Paris, and elsewhere around the world, I’m sure, is concerned about matching the toilet paper to the rest of the bathroom decor. It certainly does take matchy-matchy to a whole new level.

So…are you the one ordering these specialty items online and having them shipped to your door? Is your bathroom perfectly colour coordinated? Are you the one that started the TP rush stampede back in March because you just had to have Dusty Pink or Aquamarine TP? Your secret is out, my friend. We’ve found your source, and they will tell us where they shipped the crate. Just hand over the TP, and no one will get hurt…

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The Staffordshire Room  | Little English Guesthouse B&B, Tallahassee, FL


The Staffordshire Room  | Little English Guesthouse B&B, Tallahassee, FL

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