…and they’re back…but not for long..

Meghan and Harry are back in Britain just for a few days, to finish off some Royal duties before they escape back to the private island in Canada to raise little Archie out of the glare of the British tabloid press.

And who can blame them? Love them or hate them, I wouldn’t want to be either one of them in an age of internet spewed hatred and tabloid “journalists” willing to crawl on their bellies like reptiles in the strangest of places to get a photo of a private family moment.

This is a great photo – at a public event, where the press were invited and the couple were prepared to be photographed. Isn’t it just about human dignity, guarding ones’ privacy? Wouldn’t you want privacy for your private moments?

Helen Mirren, a British theatre-stage actress turned movie star, once said regarding the paparazzi “I wanted to be an actress. I never wanted to be a celebrity.”

Is it possible to be one without the other? It used to be. Growing up in London, I spotted a famous actor or two, just walking down the street. It was polite to do a double-take perhaps, but just keep walking. Of course, that was before the internet, and I don’t think the tabloid press had been invented yet. (Am I giving away my age, LOL?

Diana, Harry’s mother, was hounded by the tabloid press as we all know. I certainly can’t blame Harry for wanting to protect himself and his new family from all that. (And yes, I do make distinction between the tabloid press and the professional press, with real journalists, reporting on real issues.)

They have a difficult road. To be financially self-sustaining, but not able to “get a job”. To be part of the Royal family, but not be seen as using their family connections to get said paying job.

Adult children all over the world that work for their parents can be accused of having no skills or talent and only possessing a job (and a paycheck) because of their family. It’s a difficult situation. We see this everywhere, from the locally owned family-run plumbing business, Christian preachers (Franklin Graham, son of Billy), to the President (Ivanka Trump, daughter of Donald).

Can anyone take credit for the family into which they were born? Of course not. Should they be vilified for it? I don’t think so.

I say we should give these people the dignity of privacy. Give them the grace we would all want to determine how to get off the Royal payroll, and pay for their own security, and their own material goods.

What do you say?

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