Did the British come up with social distancing in 1830?

Today I found myself talking to a friend through the glass in the front door and speaking to someone else in their car from 20 feet away. It felt rather peculiar, but necessary in this time of physical distancing to stop Covid-19 from spreading.

And it occurred to me that perhaps when the Victorian dresses that are always so popular in British period dramas were invented, they had today in mind.

After all, when you look at those dresses, it would be fairly easy to speak with a friend and still be 6 feet away from her. Particularly if you were also wearing a similar fashionable dress like hers. Assuming you wear dresses, that is.

In fact, maybe we should bring back the dresses of the 1800’s as a way to practice physical distancing. (I prefer physical distancing rather than social distancing, after all, we can still be sociable in so many ways). For all the people here, and in Britain, that refuse to take this virus seriously, and are still going about their business like there’s nothing changed, this would be a great solution.

Don’t waste tax-payer money by sending law enforcement to break up groups of people that have already been told to stay home. Don’t threaten them with fines for which another public official is going to waste time trying to collect.

No! Force them to don a lovely Victorian dress, regardless of whether male or female, and let them meet with their friends, on the beach, in the town square or in a pub. Methinks,that would be a much cheaper solution and “encourage” them to stay home, as instructed, and curfews, fines and arrests would become unnecessary. And save a lot of taxpayer funds.

What do you think?

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The Staffordshire Room  | Little English Guesthouse B&B, Tallahassee, FL

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