Start planning to resume your life…post pandemic.

Who knew this time a few weeks ago, that the world would be turned upside down that we’d be instructed not to go to restaurants, or to church, or even to get a haircut, but instead to hunker down in our homes

And that we would actually do it?

Well, most of us anyway. At the beginning of the Stay At Home order there were still people using the out of college extra time to congregate on beaches in huge numbers or those “working from their home office” who just added themselves to the crowds at the Home Depot paint department desk. But in general, most responsible adults have heeded the warnings and stayed home, practiced social distancing and self isolation for the greater good of our global family.

And now that it’s been over a month or more for some people, we have to tell us ourselves that this too shall pass. It will. We can see other countries around the world, starting to slowly inch their way back to normal. They’re sending some children back to school, (Denmark) and lifting travel bans (China) and talking about how to return to normal, and stay safe at the same time.

There will some be changes, of course. Many of us will never return to shaking hands, instead using the elbow bump as the universal sign of greeting. Many will carry hand sanitizer in pockets and actually use it several times a day. Sneezing/coughing into our elbows instead of all over other people, using knuckles to press an elevator button and so on. These will all be positive consequences of having lived through this global pandemic.

But there are some things that must return to normal if we are to reclaim these months that were stolen from us by COVID-19. We must resume work and play. We must not allow fear to prevent us from venturing any further than our back gardens. We must return to the shops, and the concerts, and the events that gave us joy. We must live!

Those of us in the travel industry are counting on you to keep us in business, as we keep other local businesses in business by employing people, by making purchases, by doing more than the “essential” things that were necessary during this pandemic.

We are making plans for our next trip, we hope you are too. We are making plans for our next get together with friends, our next shopping expedition that involves a car journey not a seat in front of a computer screen. We are actively planning our return to “normal”, even though we are uncertain of the date.

Hope is a beautiful thing. We hope this will end soon. But we must put legs on it. We must make plans which will tell our brains that we believe in the hope.

So start making plans (come stay with us!). Start planning trips for the near future, the mid future, and the dream future bucket list. If this has taught us anything, surely it has taught us that life is short, fear is destructive and joy is a choice.

Choose joy and start planning. It’ll feed your joy, give you hope and focus your energy on your positive future, particularly when your present feels a little dim.

Hope to meet you soon…on the other side of the pandemic.

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The Staffordshire Room  | Little English Guesthouse B&B, Tallahassee, FL


The Staffordshire Room  | Little English Guesthouse B&B, Tallahassee, FL

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