Do you think they can see us?

A little levity during these trying Corona times. Thom and I set an alarm so we’d remember to dash outside at 8:06 tonight.

We found ourselves standing in the front garden staring up at the heavens.

Yes…there it was! The International Space Station, with it’s three to six astronauts on board, flew over us. This rather poor, grainy image was the best I could do without a Hubble telescope of my own.

It provided a brief moment of perspective. Those astronauts were looking down at an earth consumed with a pandemic. An invisible enemy. The astronauts could see the “big picture” of earth, maybe the outline of North America, but certainly not 2 people standing outside a bed and breakfast in Tallahassee gazing up at them for a few minutes.

They were focused on a very big picture – space, a huge frontier – with a beautiful blue earth, and wouldn’t allow themselves to get caught up with the minutiae of the day.

If we allowed ourselves to focus on the big picture of what is happening today, perhaps we wouldn’t drive ourselves into a frenzy worrying about the minutiae. Like toilet paper. Or enough rice and beans and bottled water to feed a small army for a month.

If we focused on the big picture that we’re all in this together, (and by “all” I mean all countries, all people, regardless of skin color, language or political party) we would be sharing our resources rather than hoarding. We would be learning from each other to further our progress back to normalcy.

If we focused on the big picture we wouldn’t be clinging to our “rights” to congregate on a public beach regardless of who we might infect. We wouldn’t be trying to see who we could blame rather than trying to help. We’d step aside to let some elderly or vulnerable people go in front, and pay them the respect and honour they deserve. Maybe even pay for their items too.

With the rampant anxiety around us, and financial problems looming ahead of us, it would do us all good to focus on the big picture. Like gratitude for a home to live in rather than resentment at being told to remain in it. A government that is concerned about decreasing financial stressors for the average person. Neighbors that check on us, volunteers that organize, churches that organize prayer vigils, air conditioners that work, small businesses that support a local economy, and nurses! and doctors! and first responders, and parents who are all suddenly now homeschool teachers. So much to be grateful for.

Be like the astronauts on the International Space Station flying over our bed and breakfast tonight. Focus on the big picture. The minutiae will fade away into nothingness. And you’ll breathe deeper and sleep better as a result.

The Staffordshire Room  | Little English Guesthouse B&B, Tallahassee, FL


The Staffordshire Room  | Little English Guesthouse B&B, Tallahassee, FL

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