…next month, Oprah!

It’s official, Meghan and Prince Harry will not return as working members of the Royal Family. (Well, one can’t really do that from California, in all honesty.) So this doesn’t come as a huge surprise to those of us who follow this family (I’m assuming that means you, too!) After all, Prince Harry has always believed the British press hounded his mother, Diana, to her death. He was determined, long before he even met Meghan, that he would protect his future wife from that kind of scrutiny.

Some have blamed Meghan for the departure, calling her a pushy American, an overly-opinionated woman (heaven forbid!) and a variety of other unpleasant names. But for those of us familiar with Prince Harry, (ie, subjected to daily updates by the British press) even if it were Meghan that initiated the move away from the British press, he would would have been all gung-ho, having complained about them his entire life.

Sadly, he was a Captain in the Royal Marines, hard earned with two tours in Afghanistan and will lose that title, among others. I guess we’re just going to call him plain ol’ Harry from now on. Is that such a bad thing?

They made a statement that we can all live a life of service because service is universal. To which, I say, hear, hear! Or at least service should be. One shouldn’t need a Royal position, or title, to be of service to other human beings on planet earth. That is, if you care about serving and life is not all about you and yours. Unfortunately, for many people, life is all about me, myself and I, and maybe my relatives thrown in too. I’m sure you know some of those individuals.

For now, Meghan and Harry, can be heard on Netflix, or Spotify (apparently they signed million-dollar contracts) and rumour has it, they’ll be showing up next month on Oprah. If you’re enamoured with this couple – stay tuned…

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The Staffordshire Room  | Little English Guesthouse B&B, Tallahassee, FL

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