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Looking for a little summer adventure with birds of prey?

In the interests of sanity, every professional innkeeper has to get away, reset the hospitality button and be a guest of someone else, somewhere else. Recently, someone asked me why I don't tell about those little adventures more often, and I suppose the answer to that is, I'd much rather talk about you, than talk about me. After all, I try not to have "It's all about Me" tattooed across my forehead, because it seems in this day and age, those folks abound.

But - we've been to some interesting places, and it occurs to me that you might want to go too. So here begins a whole category of Innkeeper Adventures, none of them wild (we're too old!), but all interesting in their own way.

Tucked away in a residential area north of Orlando is the Maitland, Audobon Birds of Prey Center. It's a rehabilitation center for birds of prey. For a small donation entrance fee, we got to wander around for a couple of hours, in the open air and observe these majestic creatures, in natural habitat, as they healed from their injuries.

Each eagle, owl, hawk and osprey had a unique story to tell. The volunteers, although obviously busy, took time out to answer our question and share how they brought them back to health. Such noble, unpaid work is a labour of love, and it showed.

We went here several months ago, and what reminded me to tell about it, was last night's guest. A lovely lady from the Orlando area, she pointed out to me a little bird in our little English garden. Then she shared her love of birds - and the fact that she volunteered at the Maitland Audobon Birds of Prey Center.

Small world... try to get out and about and see more of it!


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