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Get here for the after-Christmas sales on Thursday...

Updated: Mar 20, 2020

We always giggled at people sleeping in tents on a stone cold pavement outside the most famous shop in England - Harrods - on Christmas night. Just to be the first in the queue to get into the sale on Boxing Day. The most expensive shop in the land reduced their prices to "normal" prices that you could find on the High Street on any regular day. It never seemed to make any sense to me.

I wouldn't want to spend a lovely Christmas Day, being warm and fed, only to know I'd be spending the night on a street outside a shop. By choice. For many, it's their annual tradition, and who am I to criticize when our annual traditions may seem just as odd. I know many of my American friends think our loud Christmas crackers popping seem strange, wearing the paper crowns at the table or roast lamb with mint sauce..What Christmas traditions do you have that might seem odd to someone else?

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