What do roses smell of?

This is not a trick question. Many times over the years when I bend down to stop and smell the roses, I’m struck by the fact that they do not smell of rose. Or anything else for that matter. Even the flowers in the shop don’t smell like flowers. I recall the days when I was little, walking past a flower vendor on the street (a common occurrence in London) and doing a quick inhale, to savor the fragrance for a second more.

My resident gardener (he works for free), tells me it’s because so many roses are hybrids, and have had the fragrance bred out. Too many folks with allergies, I guess. Not sure if that’s on the same scale as the genetically modified vegetables that look so perfect in the shop, and taste of nothing, but it’s right up there on my list of “Sad Things We have Inflicted Upon Ourselves”.

In our little English garden we have 100 year old heirloom roses! A lovely lady from our church gave us a cutting and my gardener (the unpaid one), has made them bloom all over the place – creating a lovely fragrance of ROSES in the front garden. When my mother-in-law passed away, we dug up a rose bush from her garden and planted it in ours. It smells like…rose.

So when you want to get off your rollercoaster of life and take time to stop and smell the roses, book a room at the Little English Guesthouse and we’ll lead you in the right direction – towards our little English garden.

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The Staffordshire Room  | Little English Guesthouse B&B, Tallahassee, FL


The Staffordshire Room  | Little English Guesthouse B&B, Tallahassee, FL

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