Wouldn’t you like to recharge your awesomeness, here?

As another hot August day turns into a hot August night (cue Neil Diamond here, for those of us old enough to remember him), we took a stroll outside to admire Thom’s handiwork. Our little English garden, despite the searing triple digit heat index these days still looks pretty. His lighting efforts work well on the property.  In a past life, I spent too many worried minutes-that-seemed-like- hours walking across a dark hotel car park to get to the brightly lit lobby. (Yet another reason to choose a legal bed and breakfast!)

Women instinctively understand this concern. Thom, thankfully, pays attention to my requests, and makes sure the parking area and the walkway to the front door are well lit and the shrubs are trimmed so that nothing pokey brushes up against one legs. It’s of many reasons, business travelers make the Little English Guesthouse their go to place when they’re spending a night or two in Tallahassee. That and the fact that we’re small, quiet, Covid safe, and have all the free Wifi, free parking and free breakfast amenities that those boring chain hotels offer.

We even offer a place to plug yourself in and recharge your awesomeness. Sometimes when you’re traveling for work, you can be made to feel like a robot. Expected to perform, regardless of how you’re feeling, or what is going in your real life. (Reminder: Work is not your real life, it’s what you do, to earn money, to fund your real life.) You can choose from 3 charming rooms, each a little sanctuary from the world each night. You can come home, slip off your shoes, sip a glass of sherry in the conservatory and admire Thom’s flowers and butterflies outside. It’s a great place to recharge the awesomeness in you that got battered that day by the stresses of life. Then slip into a queen or king bed and complete your awesomeness recharge, while your tech device sits on the bedside table recharging itself for tomorrow.

Why are you not staying here? We’ve been here for 18 years waiting for you to find us. Forget those boring, overcrowded, dubiously clean, chain hotels and do yourself a favour, recharge your awesomeness at the Little English Guesthouse, a REAL bed and breakfast.

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The Staffordshire Room  | Little English Guesthouse B&B, Tallahassee, FL


The Staffordshire Room  | Little English Guesthouse B&B, Tallahassee, FL

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