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Mint - a natural wonder...

What's not to love about mint? Thom has planted mint and found it to be rather lacking in scruples as it spreads itself around the garden with the speed of Englishwoman fleeing a bee stuck in her bonnet. We've since found that it repels all sorts of beasties and so we've allowed it to multiply and even brought it into the inn as it releases a lovely, fresh aroma just by sitting there in a glass of water.

Add a leaf or two to a glass of sweet tea for a refreshing shot of mint as you swallow. (Shock, disbelief, yes this Englishwoman has learnt how to make this treacle-like beverage and actually received the nod of approval from her Southern friends. Make it yes, actually ingest it, er..no - hot tea is still the normal way to drink tea.) A guest this week commented how he liked hot mint tea, so I boiled up a pot for him (tealeaves and water, it's not so hard) as Mr. Twinings had not left a box of mint teabags in the breakfast room.

How do you use fresh mint leaves?


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