What are the rules for cricket?

The rules? Other than make sure there are plenty of sandwiches, and pots and pots of tea?

Well the rules are pretty simple – and oh, so dreadfully complicated. To begin, there are always two teams and 11 players on each team. When the ball hits the wicket, someone is out. Every six balls make an over. The ruling of the ump is final (that means umpire to all non-cricketers). Sounds simple, right?

To end the game? Well, that’s negotiable. Why? Because the duration of the game is actually negotiated. Team Tracey can win if they’re the last team batting and they score the required number of runs to win.
But often the game runs out of time, neither Team Tracey nor Team Thom can win,and thus the game ends as a draw.

And in the middle of the game? Well, that would entail many dull hours waiting around while the ump, and all the spectators discuss, at great length, which exception to the rule is in play for each strike.

Growing up, there was always lots of cricket during the summer. These hot, summer days in humid Tallahassee remind me of too many games of cricket. It seemed like every village green had a cricket game in play. We often had to sit on the side of a field while our father, and uncle played cricket. When we went to the beach, my brothers and I played cricket. When my mother was in the last weeks of her life, Thom watched his  first game of cricket outside a local pub, while we all took turns to sit with her.  When it was raining, (in England, can you imagine?) a TV was on to watch the cricket, usually between Australia, India, West Indies or some other former British colony (Hmm, wonder how they learned to play cricket?). Can you tell I”m not a huge fan of cricket, LOL?

It’s not because I’m a girl, it’s because I’m a British girl that was forced to endure cricket. Every. Single. Summer.

When our guests ask me about the rules of cricket, I give them the book. Yes, I purchased a book when I went home. It is a little book, with little print because the rules are simple, the exceptions are lengthy and those exceptions certainly do take up a lot of pages.

Is cricket similar to baseball? guests ask.

Well, there is batting and bowling. There the similarities end. And all of the exceptions to the rules kick in.

And don’t even get me started on all the white clothes that have to be worn. And soaked overnight to get out not only the grass stains but also the red marks of the ball that get rubbed all over said white clothes. Yes, I need a recovery group for cricket.

Did that help you figure out the rules for cricket?  Hope so.  But probably not. But I tried…. a little.

In our Staffordshire room hangs an original piece of art of the Old Trafford cricket ground, you should come see it. It’s a lovely piece.

We’ve got an English cricket bat and wicket too – maybe you can take them onto our front lawn and make the game less dull for grown English kids who had to endure too much of it and now need adult therapy. Please. Come over.  Now.  CricketRecovery



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The Staffordshire Room  | Little English Guesthouse B&B, Tallahassee, FL


The Staffordshire Room  | Little English Guesthouse B&B, Tallahassee, FL

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